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1 year ago

I'm not ready for class because I have to lose weight, fix my knee, need just that last piece of gear, etc.

Look at me. Two heart surgeries, two knee surgeries, multiple broken bones, and a whole ... See more

1 year ago

We can build a shooting platform from anything. Aside from a tetanus shot, everything is here that is needed to make an accurate shot at 600 yards.

1 year ago

Stretching is good for you and your rifles.

Practice that #socialdistancing with some glass looking down range.

1 year ago
Cloud Defensive

There weren't any products out there that we pushed until these Cloud lights.

After running these it is plainly apparent there isn't another light on the market that holds a candela to their ... See more

Training at @alliancepolicetraining ? You can test drive the OWL!
PC: @spriggan_developments
Well... we did it again. The @infinity_solutions_usa crew went to Alliance Ohio, breaking the Covid ... See more

1 year ago

"Hey, we didn't do that in my carbine 1 class!"

We sure didn't. It's not your fault or anyone else's. The class progresses within its cumulative ability.

Every class has a three phases.
1. ... See more

1 year ago

Doesn't matter if it is a Gucci rifle or built from a parts bin. All that matters is that it runs.

1 year ago

How was your Sunday?

1 year ago

Working the house today

1 year ago

Interested in protecting that stock of toilet paper? Our Order of the Fireball has everything you need to ensure your tushy stays squeaky clean during these uncertain times.