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4 days ago

Residential hallways present their own set of unique issues in the CQB context with teams. Proper footwork and muzzle discipline help alleviate some of these issues.

1 week ago

Excellent day incorporating tactical medicine with room entries in a CQB context. Here with @SouthHavenFire in the MAAC Foundation

Thank you for everyone who made the time to be here today!

1 week ago

Here at the MAAC doing a hybrid medical/CQB/active killer day with rescue task force and South Haven Fire Department.

3 weeks ago

Fighting from the ground in a weapons based environment presents its own specific set of challenges. Being introduced to those problems before they become a reality in a fight is imperative.

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4 weeks ago
7 year old dryfire practice

Working some draw and aim practice with my little guy the other day. He had never unholstered/holstered anything before this. So proud of this little guy!

1 month ago

1 month ago

So stoked to do a hybrid class with Spartan Combatives! Today is going to be great to work with John and be able to cover new material.

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Distance Management Pistol starts at 9am EST today! Very excited to do this joint class with Infinity Solutions.

1 month ago
Photos from Infinity Solutions's post

Awesome group today doing some vehicle course work. Serve those who serve you.

1 month ago

No days off

1 month ago

We are rolling out our free winter seminar series for alumni! The winter seminars are free. Our first is setting up comms, understanding the laws surrounding them, and more!

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