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2 days ago

Interested in protecting that stock of toilet paper? Our Order of the Fireball has everything you need to ensure your tushy stays squeaky clean during these uncertain times.

4 days ago

Practicing that proper social distancing on a beautiful day outdoors!

If there's any way to ensure proper social distancing, it's with a rifle.

5 days ago

Only the essentials for a rifle day.

1 week ago

If a new owner asks you for help because they bought their first gun during the panic, a couple of tips.

1. Focus on safety. They may not understand that they are 3-5 pounds of trigger pressure ... See more

1 week ago

A diverse group of instructors leads to an array of skillsets.

This one is in the event you run out of ammo during the boog.

1 week ago

Welcome to all of our new gun owners!

Now that you have taken the leap and bought a gun, please take a minute to understand the responsibility that comes with your purchase.

There are 4 basic ... See more

1 week ago

If Indiana goes on full lockdown I will still be on the range training at Carbine 1 next weekend.

If any of you scofflaws join me, well, you're my kind of people.

The offer is this:
If Indiana ... See more

1 week ago

Another carbine 1 class is posted and we have gotten a ton of questions, so let's put them out there for everyone.

1. There is an ammo shortage, should I delay the class?
This company was founded ... See more

2 weeks ago
Photos from Infinity Solutions's post

Absolutely amazing weekend culminating with North Judson Police Department to finish out the full CQB shooting package. Thank you to Tim of #defensemechanisms for coming down and helping teach all ... See more

2 weeks ago
Photos from Infinity Solutions's post

Getting some work in at the new range! Always an excellent time to work with this group.

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