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A class built specifically built for our squared away carbine operators that want to take it to the next level.  Please do not register if you aren't sure you can make it to this class as it takes a seat from someone else.


This class is built in conjunction with our guest instructor.  Coming to us is the latest in team move and shoot techniques from the tip of the spear.  


Due to the sensitive nature of the situation our guest instructor might be pulled away before or even during the class.  The class will always be a go, but may not have him there.  Rest assured, the material will still be presented.  


Location is Sand Burr Gun Ranch, Rochester Indiana.


Required Gear:


HEARING PROTECTION (electronic recommended not required)

Semi - auto rifle

500 rounds of rifle ammunition

5 rifle magazines minimum

4 Rifle magazine pouches

Rifle sling


200 rounds of pistol ammunition

Quality holster

2 Pistol mags

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