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About us

Welcome to your blog!
The goals of our blog is to explore different situations we see during classes, internal training days, log our goals, explore new topics related to self defense.

Who are we?
Infinity Solutions is a cadre of instructors from the Northwest Indiana region from diverse backgrounds. We are medical professionals, former police officers, and combat veterans.

As we have transitioned into the business side of firearms we have delved into CNC machining, stippling, blacksmithing, and gunsmithing. As we started down the path with training we found there were so many barriers to gun owners in Northwest Indiana. Poor access to training and functional firearms modifications led us to begin to develop skills.

How did we come to be?
Infinity Solutions was born at a 2nd Amendment rally. One of our owners gave a speech about the need for training within the firearms community. After coming off stage someone was waiting there with a challenge. “Where do you suggest people get training?” The answer generally involved many hours of driving, thousands of dollars, and waiting for the big name trainer to come around. Between the coordination of schedules, financial cost, and distance most people can’t make it to a class.

At the end of the day you have to answer this question if you want something done and it isn’t happening: “If not you, then who?” So we started training each other. As we were pushing our abilities and the firearms to higher levels we needed to start modifying our weapons.  As we shot more we found that certain firearms didn’t have many accessories made. After working with the scar within the first year it came out we found we would like new a new stock option other than the UGG boot. From there Infinity Solutions Machining was created. We are always growing and learning in this arena.  0311 Knife and Tool brings their extensive knife making experience which marries well with our combatives work. The training blades are a fantastic augment to the handmade defensive blades. The training blades give us the ability to use something the same weight and profile as the defensive blade.

What do we do?
We have a group that works internally. This group tests all of the experiments that come out of 0311 Knife and Tool and Infinity Solutions Machining.  0311 has made knives to our specific needs. The knife has to be easily concealed, gripped, and SHARP! They more than delivered. Infinity Solutions Machining has created stock adapters for the CZ Scorpion and FN SCAR to start and more to come! More products as we grow as machinists and continue to be dreamers.

The Infinity Solutions Development Group currently shoots, fights, does medical, and everything else involved in product testing and development multiple times per week.