dsc-6012-d400.jpg Byron Gentry

Byron has been carrying, competing, and taking classes for 14 years.  Bringing training from regular people, to regular people is a goal and a reason for starting this company.  After a 2nd Amendment rally the question was asked, "How do we make the 2nd Amendment better?"  The answer was to make those that practice the 2nd Amendment better trained.  Byron is also NRA rifle and pistol instructor certified.  


11667294-10204500648257227-1522583520260502086-n-d400.jpg Daniel Hammond

Dan has been has been professionally fighting, training, and contracting for 9 years.  Dan has worked both at home and abroad as a security contractor as well as trained local and federal law enforcement.  Dan has a background in BJJ and has fought professionally in Muai Thai.  Dan has a heavy background in the AK platform and brings his years of experience to each carbine class.



Thank you for visiting! Infinity Solutions offers the best training in Northwest Indiana at very affordable prices. We specialize in pistol, rifle, hand to hand, mindset, vehicle defense, and shotgun training within an hour from Chicago.