Distance management – Striking

Distance management – Striking


Learn to defend yourself from a violent physical attack right in Northwest Indiana!

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Deadly force encounters all have one common theme, the bad guy has to close the distance. Everyday life puts us in close proximity to others’ and occasionally that someone could be a predator.  Being able to create space while not getting knocked out is imperative to your survival.

This class covers:

  • Managing the distance with an aggressor
  • Your and your attacker’s OODA loop
  • Slipping punches
  • The most effective punches and combinations for a violent encounter
  • Common punches seen during attacksWe will provide hand wraps/gloves for the class.

    Required Gear:

  • An open mind committed to the safety of those around you. No one cares that you are tough, fast, or strong. Safety is paramount!
  • Mouth guard
  • Enough water to hydrate yourself through a moderately physical 4 hours
  • Shoes that aren’t worn outdoors or a willingness to do the class barefoot or in socks


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