Every Day Carry 1


Learn to navigate the “don’t shoot yet” moments.

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This class incorporates lecture and practical exercise to build an all encompassing experience for any skill level.  No experience necessary, we will give you  hands on experience to navigate real scenarios in EDC situations.

Previously only available to law enforcement, we have the opportunity to bring scenario based training to the community.  This is a rare opportunity to get training with the most realistic system in the world.  Real guns (modified), real interactions, real training.  Engage with threats, non threats, friendlies.  You’ll need your verbal judo, mental acumen, speed from the holster, target discernment, and judicious awareness to have success in this simulator.

The class:
Indiana Self Defense Law lecture
Q&A related to EDC issues
Practical exercise in VirTra simulator

So what is a VirTra anyway?  
From the VirTra Website:
VirTra helps prepare anyone for real-life incidents so they and the communities they serve can remain safe. Each real-world judgmental use of force training simulator has surreal scenarios that provide an in-depth look into human performance. The demands on law enforcement to make critical decisions in tense, uncertain and rapidly evolving situations require that the human performance aspect of cognitive neuroscience and human physiology are taken into account as part of the police training methodology. Research on how to best use law enforcement simulation technology is taken into account within what VirTra does. Training scenarios are filmed in superior quality and contain the full fidelity of real actors—thus eliminating ‘video game’ training. VirTra’s extensive branching options further increase the realism by allowing scenarios to unfold based on the instructor, trainee or team’s decisions.

What to bring?
Any Glock 17 holster (we will have some available)
A belt
Note taking material
An open mind

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May 27th 1830-2200