Friday Night Free Folk


We do not kneel

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Welcome to Friday Night Free Folk.

An opportunity to gather, practice, and build new skills.  Each month will have different skills/practice to work.   3-4 hour each night.  Start at 1800cst end somewhere between 2100cst and 2200cst.

What these nights are:
Structured practice
Introduction to certain platforms/Skills
Gear tryouts

What these nights aren’t:
An opportunity to hang out  (Please just hang out together after)


April: 100 rounds/25 buckshot/5 slugs
Shotgun.  Finally a shotgun class for you bastards that say you want one.  Tell your friends.  Once every 3 years?

May: 250 Rounds
Red dot/Carpenter handguns.  All things red dot.  All things hammer fired.  Bring one or bring both.  We will be going over things specific to each.

June: 150 Rounds
Milsurp madness.  Bring the weird stuff.  The WW1 bolt guns, Boer War bush rifles, WW2 MGs and carbines, you get the idea.

July: 200 rounds
Concealed Carry Madness.  If you tuck it in your pants, you’ll be pulling it out tonight.  May or may not get the sims out for this one.  Bring a cup.

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April 28th Shotgun, May 26th Red Dot/Carpenter handguns, June 30th Milsurp Madness, July 28th Concealed Carry Fundamentals


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