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We are going to try to do something new for our alumni day this year. Instead of the standard “bring as many guns as you can and shoot all day” we are going to do what we are good at. This year we are going to do a huge knowledge exchange.  We will be grilling, if you’d like to bring a dish (side or dessert) that would be great!
Some of our topics will include:
Pistol red dot fundamentals
Lock Picking
GSW considerations (A medical brief)
Introduction to competition shooting
Beyond the door (an introduction to CQB)
Dry fire primer (skills to get fast for free)
Single hand pistol manipulations
Fundamental pistol accuracy
First come first serve for blocks.  Each block will be 1-2 hours taught by IS staff.  Sign up sheets will be there the morning of with the waivers.
If you are alumni and would like to introduce someone to us, bring them!  Guests are welcome as long as they come with an alumni.


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