Low Light/Cold Weather Carbine


Cold weather carbine will get you hot under the collar.

January 14th.  1300cst – 2000cst.

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The focus of this class will be to employ the fundamentals of carbine work at night. Come out to push yourself and your gear in the darkness.  We will be completing instructional work in the daylight and performance work when the sun goes down.

Have you ever considered the need to run your carbine hard in the dead of winter?  Special considerations have to be made for shooting and fighting in the cold.  How you interact with your gear, footing, biting cold, rifle maintenance, ammo and temperature variance as well as medical are all things that change once the temperature drops.

Cold Weather Carbine covers:

  • WML capabilities
  • Moving
  • Multiple target PID
  • Mounting of the rifle in kit and cold weather gear
  • Movement with poor footing
  • Cover techniques
  • Hobo warmth

Course requirements:

  • Warm clothes that allow movement
  • Defensive rifle
  • 300 rounds of rifle ammunition
  • 4 rifle magazines
  • 4 magazine pouches
  • Rifle sling
  • Defensive pistol
  • 25 rounds of pistol ammunition
  • 2 pistol magazines
  • 1 magazine pouch
  • Quality pistol holster (pistol must be secure within holster, holster must be secure on belt, holster must not collapse when pistol is removed)
  • Rigid mounting system for holsters.  (Belt, war belt)
  • Water


  • A zeroed rifle (If you opt for a .22 bolt kit we will be re zeroing you)
  • We will be eating lunch on site so please bring food and snacks as well as drinks.
  • Red dot
  • Chair
  • Hat


  • No AP ammo of any kind
  • No SS109
  • No XM193
  • Shoulder rigs
  • Crossdraw holsters
  • IWB holsters (Unless you’ve completed pistol 2 or above, or like class at other respected school)
  • All holsters and ammo subject to instructor approval

Cancellation policy:
A student has up to 8 days before a class to reschedule to take the same class. A voucher will be given to attend the same class at a later date. If a student cancels within 7 days of class start no refund or voucher will be given.  Just come to class or be decent enough to let us know if you can’t make it.  Life happens, we understand.

Our range in Kingsbury.
Location given to those that sign up via email.
Please check your email!  The GPS location for class is at the bottom.

If you are coming in from out of town contact us for a stay in the team room.

Wow!  Is ammo still so hard to find!  Well, we have a solution.  For $70 we will provide you with a CMMG .22 bolt for your AR15 type rifle AND THE AMMO FOR CLASS!  Modern problems require modern solutions.  Not only do you not have to sacrifice your training due to ammo scarcity, we can provide it for you!  Payment can be made the day of class because adding it as an option on the website is a total pain in the butt.  Let us know if you need this, please.

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Jan 14th 1300-2000