Partner Home Defense 1


Move with efficiency.

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Partner home defense 1 a class in a series to fundamentally defend your home with a partner.  Utilizing procedures and tactics to safely and efficiently move through a structure is essential for anyone concerned with defending their home with a partner.  With a focus on decision making and practical application the attendee will have a portion of the base of our CQB program.

This class is a hybrid lecture and practical in non-live fire structures.

In this class you will learn:

Effective techniques to move through a structure with a partner.
Eliminating blue on blue potential.
Identifying problems as shapes.
Managing hallways.
The majority of the class will focus on moving through a structure safely and efficiently.

What to bring:

Eye protection
Your AR
Any kit you would like to try (including flashlights)
Rifle or handheld light

There can be no live ammo in the building at anytime.  

4203 Montdale Park Dr, Valparaiso, IN 46383

Additional information

Home Defense 1

October 29th (SPOOKY), August 6th