Red Dot Pistol


Get the class in to solidify your skills with a red dot to have the confidence to carry it everyday.

The absolute best firearms training in Northwest Indiana!



This fast paced class incorporates the fundamentals from pistol 1 and pushes the performance with the dot.  A ground up build for those dot curious or someone that has used one for a while. The red dot pushes the boundaries on speed and performance from a handgun.  We will be pushing every shooter to the edge of their ability and beyond to find out just how fast and efficient we can be with the platform.  A 4 hour class, there will be no remediation on pistol 1 material.  This class focuses on the specifics on a dot.  This is a red dot class, not a pistol class.

We do have a limited number of pistols for people to borrow for the class.  Get with Byron to borrow one.

This class covers:

  • Red dot zeroing
  • Sight alignment for a red dot
  • How our draw works across all platforms
  • Fundamental accuracy with a dot
  • Recoil diagnosis techniques
  • Compromised position shooting

Required Gear:

  • Eye protection
  • Hearing protection (electronic recommended not required)
  • Defensive pistol with red dot
  • 300 rounds of pistol ammunition
  • 3 pistol magazines minimum
  • 2 magazine pouches
  • Quality OWB pistol holster (Pistol must be secure within holster and holster must be secure on belt)
  • Rigid mounting system for holsters. (Belt, War belt)

Need your slide milled?  Get with us and we can get it done!

We will be eating lunch on site so please bring food and snacks as well as drinks.

We highly recommend bringing the following:

  • Bug repellent
  • Sun block
  • Chair
  • Water
  • Hat
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear (No open toe shoes or V neck shirts)

Holster restrictions:

  • Holster must remain open without pistol inside
  • No shoulder rigs
  • No cross draw holsters
  • No inside the waistband holsters
  • All holsters subject to instructor approval


Cancellation policy:

A student has up to 8 days before a class to reschedule to take the same class.  A voucher will be given to attend the same class at a later date. If a student cancels within 7 days of class start no refund or voucher will be given.

A private range within 30 minutes of Crown Point and Valpo.  Location will be sent to attendees before the class.
A GPS location will be emailed to attendees before class.  Please check your email!  The GPS location for class is at the bottom.  Class is in the 46350 zip code.

Class starts at 1300 Central

Additional information

Dot dayz

6-20 from 1300-1700


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