Rifle Vehicle Defense


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Americans spend an average of 101 minutes each day in a vehicle. Building a defense plan that includes an integral part of our daily lives is crucial.
This class is focused on fighting from inside to outside, outside to inside, and around the vehicle with a rifle.

This class covers:
Bailing out of a vehicle
Windshield ballistics
Considerations shooting out of every angle of the car
Managing a threat when both driver and passenger are armed
Movement around a vehicle with a partner

Gear requirements:
Eye protection x2 (Muffs and plugs here because muffs get bumped pretty consistently)
Hearing protection (electronic recommended not required)
Defensive pistol
200 rounds of rifle ammunition
4 rifle magazines

We will be eating lunch on site so please bring food and snacks as well as drinks.
Bug repellant
Sun block

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Vehicle Defense

November 13th


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