Scoped Rifle 1

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  1. You have done the research.  You have built the rifle.  Now get out and use it!
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What this class is: A fundamental build of skills to get you and your platform effective at distance.
What this class isn’t: A bench or prone group shooting exercise.

Modern rifles afford the opportunity to be accurate with both the semi-auto and bolt action platforms with relative ease.  This class is no benchrest spend fest.  You will spend the day working through the challenges long range shooting provides while problem solving at both your shooting position and down range. Designed to be shot in pairs, bring a friend!

Topic covered include:
Quick and dirty MIL/MOA discussion
Using your scope
Improvised shooting positions
Data collection
Intro to wind
Coordinating with a partner
Shooter/Spotter relationship

Eye pro
Ear Pro
200 rounds
Means to support rifle (Bipod recommended, shooting bag is fine too)
Day pack
All necessary tools to adjust your rifle and scope
Small notebook and means to write


Prerequisites: Carbine 1 
This class will go to a minimum of 500 yards. Quality ammo and gear will get you there. If you are missing one of these, it will make your day much harder. We will get you the skills to shoot from back there. An inability to be safe will put you on the sidelines.


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Scoped Rifle

May 4th, July 27th