The gauntlet

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Come and suffer with us.

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Come out and push your limits at the gauntlet.  You will test your physical and performance skills throughout the day.  Identify weak areas and illuminate strength you never knew existed.  Find those limits and push past them.  See the barrier and blast through it.

We will be spending the day training with various platforms, distances, targetry, head to head, timed, and accuracy oriented day.

Lunch at your own risk.

All instructors able to come will be there to work as well.  This is an all together day to push our abilities.

This is a come as you are, all are welcome class.  No need to be a crossfit athlete to learn about yourself.  This is your ability and how you perform under stress, both physical and mental.

Must have pistol 1 and carbine 1 to attend.  This is not a weapons manipulation class.

What to bring

150 rounds rifle
150 rounds pistol
25 rounds shotgun
A positive attitude

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August 10th