Total Carbine Immersion


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Push yourself and your gear to the limit

This class is built for anyone that has taken carbine 1 and wants to develop a complete set skills over a weekend.  20 contact hours over two days will leave you tired, sore, and with a myriad of new skills!  This two day class is from Nov. 2 – Nov 3.

This class covers:

  • Shooting on the move
  • Communicating with a teammate
  • Operator standards
  • Low light/No light
  • Working around vehicles
  • Improvised shooting positions
  • Performance carbine techniques
  • Buddy aid
  • Managing stress and elevated heart rates when shooting
  • Team based movementsWhen this class was built we put many of our blocks into this to make it a complete course.  We will be able to push into new ground with the two day format.

Required Gear:

  • Eye protection – Including a set of clear eye pro for the night portion
  • Hearing Protection
  • Modern semi automatic fighting rifle
  • 1000 rounds of rifle ammunition
  • 5 rifle magazines minimum – Load them up.  The more the better.
  • 3 magazine pouches
  • Defensive pistol
  • 100 rounds of pistol ammunition
  • 2 pistol magazines
  • 2 magazine pouches
  • Quality pistol holster (pistol must be secure within holster, holster must be secure on belt, holster must not collapse when pistol is removed)
  • Rigid mounting system for holsters. (Belt, War belt)
  • We will be eating lunch on site so please bring food and snacks as well as drinks.

We highly recommend bringing the following:

  • Bug repellent
  • Sun block
  • Chair
  • Water – Lots of water
  • Hat
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear.  Indiana November weather can suck.  Plan accordingly.
  • Extra socks


Start time:

0900CST start time, class will be approximately 12 hours long on day 1 and 8 hours long on day 2.

Super 8
209 McDonald Dr, Rochester, IN 46975
(574) 224-8080



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