The Firearms Freedom Project NWI

Infinity Solutions started at a political rally. After Newtown the opponents of the Second Amendment had lined up ready to steal away rights. They had been laying in wait for years and this was finally their opportunity. The Republicans held the majority in the House, but Democrats held the Senate and the Oval Office. Bipartisan bills were introduced to try to stop the next Newton from happening.

Somehow it all failed. But how? How could the brutal murder of 26 kids not enact any new firearms legislation?

It was simple. Gun owners finally found their voice. On a frigid day in March I stood on the podium looking at about 100 people on the courthouse steps in Valparaiso. Five generations of current and future firearms ownership stood in the cold and wind together for our common cause. Everyone put their petty differences aside in a show of solidarity. Concealed carriers, open carriers, NRA backers, GOA supporters, rifle carrying militia members, and police officers all standing shoulder to shoulder for the same cause.

Calls poured into the House and Senate. We were relentless. We as gun owners are not responsible for the actions of a madman. We will not surrender our ability to defend our families. We will not give up what so many had died for.

Fast forward to 2019. People are more polarized than ever. The opponents of the 2nd Amendment are now working on new ways to attack. In addition to federal level fights to restrict ownership we must fight for the right to shoot at the local level. Zoning boards and city/town/county councils are actively working to take away your ability to shoot. Yes, we have to be wary of anyone that wants to take away actual firearms. However, if we can’t use them, have to drive hours to get to shoot, or pay ridiculous fees just to practice, do the physical items have any value? Isn’t the practice of the right the fundamental aspect of a right?

Going forward we will be coordinating through the facebook page to keep everyone abreast of events that will have an impact of gun owners in Northwest Indiana. We will also put out calls to action for state level laws. While we have “supporters” of the 2nd Amendment in the state house we continue to have issues advancing our rights.

Make no mistake, we must not sit back and wait for someone else to do something. This fight starts with YOU and it starts TODAY. If we take that approach we will never lose.

If not you, then who?

When they banned shooting in Illinois I said nothing because I moved years ago.
When they restricted shooting to 200ft from any dwelling I said nothing because I had 5 acres.
When they restricted shooting to 1000ft from any dwelling I said nothing because I belonged to a private shooting club.
When they restricted shooting so long as any neighbor could hear gunfire I said nothing because I could shoot indoors.
When they closed the indoor range I had no where to shoot.

Make mo mistake. We are all in this together or we will all lose. It doesn’t matter if you are a member of a private shooting club, shoot in your back yard, shoot at Blythe’s or Point Blank, we must keep showing up to any meeting we can. Is a single vacation day worth the rights of future generations?


  • Vance
    Posted February 15, 2019 2:16 pm

    I was at the counter-protest to ‘March For Our Lives’ in Valpo, it was a wake-up call to me – instead of just seeing the protests on television news, I actually engaged the other side with dialogue. It was nice to stand in what was probably the safest space in Valpo (surrounded by a few hundred gun-rights supporters)! I will continue to support other civic-minded, law-abiding gun owners in educating the public (and our public ‘servants’) about our natural rights. I hope we can grow our numbers and increase the resolve we will need to stay the course.

  • Tom
    Posted May 27, 2019 10:35 am

    The attacks on our gun rights have increased by the 2 big political parties the last several years. Every time we turn around they’re trying to chip away at something whether it be how many rounds a magazine can hold or the type of stock you’re allowed to have. The time has come I will no longer be silent and go along with these politicians anti gun agenda. Shall not be infringed means just that.

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