Vehicle Defense - Pistol - October 6

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For the first time we will be offering an open enrollment vehicle defense class.  

Prerequisites: Concealed Carry.  If you haven't taken all of the prerequisites please be signed up.  If for some reason the student does not attend or does not pass any of the necessary curriculum they will be bumped and the slot will be given to the next qualified.  


Americans spend an average of 101 minutes each day in a vehicle.  Building a defense plan that includes an integral part of our daily lives is crucial.  


This class is focused on fighting from inside to outside, outside to inside, and around the vehicle.  This class will also include Simunitions based reality training. 


This class covers:

  • Drawing while inside of a vehicle
  • Bailing out of a vehicle
  • Windshield ballistics
  • Considerations shooting out of every angle of the car
  • Shooting safely with a passenger in the car
  • Managing a threat when both driver and passenger are armed
  • Fighting around vehicles against a determined attacker
  • Handgun ammo performance vs cars


Course requirements:

  • Eye protection
  • Hearing protection (electronic recommended not required)
  • Defensive pistol
  • 400 rounds of pistol ammunition 
  • 20 rounds of your carry ammo
  • 3 pistol magazines
  • 2 magazine pouches
  • Quality pistol holster (Pistol must be secure within holster and holster must be secure on belt)
  • Rigid mounting system for holsters. (Belt, War belt) 
  • Water


  • We will be eating lunch on site so please bring food and snacks as well as drinks.
  • Bug repellant
  • Sun block
  • Chair
  • Hat


  • Shoulder rigs
  • Crossdraw holsters
  • All holsters subject to instructor approval


Cancellation policy:
A student has up to 8 days before a class to reschedule to take the same class.  A voucher will be given to attend the same class at a later date.  If a student cancels within 7 days of class start no refund or voucher will be given.   

Sand Burr Gun Ranch
2111 County Rd 350 N, Rochester, IN 46975

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