Cold Weather Long Range

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The battle for Toth

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This class is a test of skill, gear, and will.  Over the course of 24 hours you will:

Shoot from 50-500 to acquire cold weather dope
Establish cold bore dope
Building shooting techniques to stay dry and warm
Low light long range considerations
Quiet considerations for low light
Overnight invisible camping

We will take the skills learned the day before and apply them the next day.

Class is from Noon to Noon February 10/11.

What to bring:

  • All safety Gear
  • Proper clothing to maintain homeostasis in the coldest weather
  • All gear to shoot accurately out to 500 yards
  • Proper pack to carry all gear needed for class
  • Equipment to shoot a long rifle during night runs
  • Gear to keep warm overnight
  • Ability to document data
  • Fire starting materials

Optional gear:

  • .22 Rifle quiet night shooting

Additional information

Winter Long Range

February 10/11